Experts are people who have accomplished what you are just now dreaming about pursuing. Such individuals have a wealth of knowledge to offer and most of them are all too happy to share it. Don’t shy away from asking someone who is farther ahead on their goal  to sit down and share their journey.  If you’re lucky, the individual you approach will have had some coaching experience and realizes that not only do they have information they can share, they can listen to your story and help you figure some things out too. That’s what we do at CoachLombardi.  Unfortunately that may not be your reality and what you’re stuck with is trying to ask just the right questions to get the answers you want.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask experts questions that relate to what you’re wanting to accomplish. If the expert is wanting to be helpful, they will talk about a slice of their experience that fits your question. You may get more than you bargained for but you may also get exactly what you’re looking for.  Your best bet is to understand why they took the path they did to get where they are. Somewhere in their story will be a piece of information that you can use.

Experts Who are Stuck on Themselves

When an expert is stuck on themselves, how do you get what you need from them? Well the one thing you can do is turn this into a fact finding mission. If the expert is too stuck on their own story to listen to your story then see if there is anything in their story that you can find helpful. Ask them the following:

  • What was the most important thing you did that lead to your success?
  • What decisions did you need to make along the way?
  • What obstacles did you encounter and how did you get around them or through them?
  • Who did you go to for help?
  • Who were the most helpful individuals?
  • What did you need to learn in order to keep going?
  • How did you stay positive?

Since the expert won’t shut up about themselves then leverage the information and their story with the types of questions just listed above and take away anything that might help you. One thing you can definitely count on is that if the expert can’t stop talking about themselves then asking more questions about their story keeps them talking about themselves! Apologies to all the experts out there!!