Coaching has impacted my own life, and that’s one of the reasons I’m excited about offering it to others. In brief, a coach is a change expert. Coaches are professionally trained to help others grow, reach goals, overcome obstacles, and live more purposefully. In the same way that personal trainers help professional athletes maximize performance, a personal coach helps a client get the most out of life.

In my coaching relationships, I meet regularly with clients to:

Help them strategize, set challenging goals, and turn those goals into action.

Provide the structure and accountability that result in maximum progress.

Create an authentic, encouraging relational climate that energizes the process and makes it a joy to work together.

I coach clients in everything from exercise to self-discovery, from team-building to creating a balanced life-style.

Leaders who want to better understand their destiny and live it out more fully.

People looking to accomplishing a personal goal.

Ministry leaders navigating difficult transitions, conflicts or challenging experiences.

Educators looking to enhance their working and teaching environment
People looking to increase their performance at work

I also do workshops and seminars on a variety of topics including helping teams to develop a better working environment and achieve their goals; strategy for long term planning; using technology to teach at a distance, evaluation strategies and understanding our world from a biblical perspective.

I’ve been in ministry leadership for 20 years, and the last decade involved in educational leadership, mentoring and coaching. I am a certified life coach with Transformational Leadership Coaching based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and hold a Master’s degree. My commitment is to come along side you and help you develop goals and make decisions that will embrace what you desire to accomplish in your life.